Service Innovation Just For You

Customer service and satisfaction are invaluable to the growth and potential of ASSA ABLOY.

By understanding the values of our existing customer base, and thinking up simple solutions to all problems small and big, we take every opportunity to grow the core and meet customers’ needs.

FLASHship™ program

Our FLASHship program, offered in the US and Canada, is a one-truck 24-hour product delivery service for contract hardware customers designed to encourage sales of our core products.

Through studies, we revealed that 30% of contract hardware customers’ activities were actually related to smaller projects. With customizable service center warehouses, the inconvenience associated with ordering from multiple vendors will finally be a thing of the past.

In 2017, we also launched the FLASHship Webshop, an online sales component that let our customers access to our products with even greater ease.

New Digital Library

The New Digital Library raises the standards of customer experience by bringing print catalogs to life in an accessible and functional way. We offer all the product information you need in one place with an up-to-date library of ASSA ABLOY Group brands.

Finding the information you need has become less time-consuming than ever. The search function allows you to search for catalogs across brands but also keywords within catalogs, eliminating the fuss of flipping page-by-page. Our bookmarking feature will not only never lose important pages, but incorporates a note-taking function as well.

All digital catalogs are downloadable, printable, but most importantly, shareable. You can share with others anything from specific pages to cropped sections of a page by email. Customer support live chat service is available to you at all times, ensuring you are able to make the most out of what our New Digital Library can offer.