Secret to a Reliable Flow of Goods

For companies whose businesses involve distribution and logistics, the last thing they want is an unstable and inefficient conveyor system encompassing the warehouse to the trucks. Yet, it takes more than manpower and transportation to ensure fast, safe and energy-efficient operations.

There is much going on besides the loading and unloading of goods at distribution centers every day, but it all starts with a good choice of hardware. It facilitates safe processes, fast and efficient operations, good control on cost and optimal temperature and in turn, a trusted supplier relationship, which will ensure your business goes further than expected.

A broad selection of hardware

Having that in mind, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems offers a wide range of door solutions to cater for your operational needs in creating an ideal, efficient and reliable logistics environment. Our hardware includes industrial doors, automatic doors, high-performance doors designed to tackle specific purposes of loading dock equipment and more. They all contribute to the logistics flow and safe handling of goods.

The right door for the right place

ASSA ABLOY believes that the best way to save energy is improving the consumption efficiency by choosing the right automatic doors for the right place. We should consider multiple factors when evaluating a door’s energy impact, namely its U-value, air leakage, electric consumption and air infiltration.

AMCC, the French leader in carpentry, is a long-time customer and has recently installed the RR3000 high-speed doors for faster action, better insulation and wind resistance.