Raising the Bar of Healthy Buildings

The Delos Headquarters in New York sets out on an ambitious challenge: to build an office space that is not only nurturing, but also sustainable.

If you are still new to the concept of healthy buildings, behold, for it will be one of the key focuses in architectural and space design for years to come.

Take a tour around the Delos Headquarters:

The birth of healthy buildings

Over the last decade, something has come to the attention of forward-thinking developers and architects alike — the need for indoor spaces to contribute not only to environmental health but also that of its occupants. We spend over 90% of our time indoors, where buildings shape our health and well-being on a daily basis. Naturally, a healthier workplace nurtures happier, productive employees, and a healthier home re-energizes its inhabitants.

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Delos, the pioneer of Wellness Real Estate, brings together the best innovations to improve human health in the built environment. One can imagine the stringent design and construction requirements to make its new headquarters a model workplace of its kind. Apart from promoting employee health and wellness, it is also paramount for the project to meet three certifications, namely the WELL Certification, the LEED v4 Certification, as well as the Living Building Challenge Petal Certification.

Working towards the same goals

As an envelope-pushing showcase, the project was planned down to the very detail. This includes finding the least environmentally impactful materials for the space. As an access solution provider working towards the same sustainability goals, ASSA ABLOY became one of the key suppliers that contribute to the alignment of materials requirements between all three standards.

Transparency was instrumental in our collaboration with Delos. Our exposure with certifications including Declare labels and Health Product Declarations not only addresses environmental impact of our products, but also allowed us to fully disclosed where they came from, how they were made and what they are made of. All information is freely-accessible to all Delos employees. Transparency also meant convenience when we worked with our manufacturers and product development team to optimize our products, so that they could be seamlessly fit in this progressive built environment.

Balancing style and security

Resided in New York’s vibrant Meatpacking District, the new office’s full glass curtain walls offer panoramic views of downtown, the High Line right beside it, while letting in ample natural light. ASSA ABLOY’s Glass Solutions worked to make the quality views and daylight undisrupted for Delos employees, no matter how deep into the office they are — even inside the few enclosed rooms. From McKinney hinges, Rockwood strikes, to Corbin Russwin mortise locks and decorative levers, our products, which fulfill the the most rigorous material vetting standards, helped pave the way for Delos to achieve their desired levels of safety, security and aesthetics, particularly with the extensive use of glass throughout the office.

(Photo credit: ImagenSubliminal)

ASSA ABLOY offers trusted resources of highly customized access and security solutions for innovators like Delos. Watch the below video to have a tour around the Delos Headquarters with us, and click here if you wish to know more about ASSA ABLOY’s sustainability endeavors.