Intelligent Objects for Better Communication

Taking a step back and looking at the entire lifecycle of a building, the key driver of efficiency and expertise lies in communication.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a technology that works to enhance the process in which a building is constructed by enabling easy collaboration and communication between all stakeholders. 

BIM is a 3D virtual representation software that enables cross-disciplinary communication. The downloadable BIM files contain a wealth of information that can be extracted and transferred between all parties including the likes of architects, contractors, security consultants, and spec writers, quickly and without hassle.

Design, construction, and lifecycle

There is so much more to a building than just its design. With the help of the BIM process, we ensure that proper emphasis is placed on a building’s construction and lifecycle. In 2008, ASSA ABLOY created Openings Studio, a BIM-enabled cloud-based plug-in that has significantly improved the process of door scheduling, visualization, and more. 

Now making it possible to work on building specifications in a smarter and more efficient way, BIM objects and Openings Studio have greatly affected how we share information with each other, ultimately changing the way our business and our society function.

Changing the way we work

Applied across all business functions and divisions, these technologies are catalysts to drive efficiency and collaboration. Ensuring the whole process and lifecycle of a building is secure and intelligently made also reduces cost, waste, and saves time. BIM changes the way we conduct business for our customers and makes lives easier for everyone involved.