High Transparency for Progressive Sustainability

In order to make the most informed decisions and optimize sustainability on all fronts, transparency of all suppliers, operations, and products involved is reinforced to enhance long-term value and growth.

At ASSA ABLOY, our transparency initiatives are set to ensure that we are creating products in the most sustainable and ethical way possible. Delving into every ingredient, process, and risks associated with our products, we make it possible to build healthy, safe, and environmentally-conscious surroundings for our customers.

Making informed choices

To achieve the utmost level of transparency, we provide our clients with EPDs (Environmental Product Declaration), HPDs (Health Product Declaration), and Declare Labels, all of which help lead the way towards achieving our shared goals of sustainability.

The EPD is a complete mapping of a product’s environmental footprint based on a lifecycle assessment (LCA), which is independently verified by an accredited third party. This information is presented in a standardized and consistent way and is particularly designed to help the Group and our clients make informed choices and solutions.

Since 2018, we have published over 332 EPDs across the Group. Equally crucial to our transparency approach is the Declare Label, a document that lists every ingredient in the product down to 100 or 1000 parts per million.

Optimizing indoor spaces with Delos

ASSA ABLOY has helped a number of clients build structures that follow the most rigorous sustainability standards and transform building environments as a whole. One of our most prized achievements is the Delos Headquarters Office in New York City. Delos, an organization dedicated to transforming indoor environments for people in terms of sustainability, wellness, safety, and aesthetics, worked with ASSA ABLOY to create a progressive space where all these requirements are achieved to an optimal level.

By sharing these transparency labels with suppliers, engineers, and part development teams associated with the project, we were able to understand where all the products came from, how they were made, and subsequently, optimize the products to make them better for the building inhabitants.