Education Knows no Bounds

Students live busy, connected lives. Great access solution design will help them moving freely and securely through campus, ensuring they get the most from their day. At ASSA ABLOY, convenience and security can go hand in hand.

It’s a busy day but thank goodness your mobile access app informs you that the room you originally booked for club meeting requires maintenance, and guides you to a new one with a new encryption key. 

Because you are a registered biker, you know how to get to the closest rack available as your phone tells you so. Your gym passes automatically pops on your phone, so you know it's time for exercise. When the day finally ends, hold your phone to the gate and door to enter your snug room.

No more lost keys, no more expansive lock changes

Welcome to the new generation of university life sweetened by ASSA ABLOY's Mobile Access solution. With students in mind, we develop all the technology they need to live a hassle-free life at uni, from wireless locking control software, access management systems, and smart locks for administrators, to the Seos®-powered Livvi app for students. 

No more physical keys to lose, nor chances of unauthorized entry with found keys. Bring them all together and you will have a smart campus and residence hall, like Urbanest Darling Square in Sydney and Urban Creation’s housing projects in the UK, where data can be seamlessly integrated.

Global solutions for education

ASSA ABLOY's solution makes VingCard locks operable with mobile devices through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. The platform includes highly reliable and secure mobile key management and Trusted Service Manager services to ease administrative workload. 

All operations can be performed online and offline, on-site or remotely, with Visionline, a software that connects all electronic locks over secure radio frequency channels, and cloud-based management system, Vostio.