Building a Smarter and Safer World

While new access possibilities have opened up, the need for sound and effective security grows stronger day by day. Get to know our efforts on creating a safer and at the same time, more accessible world at the Global Solutions and Entrance Systems divisions.

Holding a leading position — from mechanical to electronic accessibility, and everything in between — ASSA ABLOY answers businesses and individuals’ growing demand for smart and visionary solutions that can let them venture into the ever-expanding world of opportunities worry-free. Further to our previous article on Opening Solutions, let’s dive into two more key divisions that continue to drive us forward.

Global Solutions: Friendly and effective

What do hotels, hospitals, schools, condos and apartment complexes have in common? Every day, hundreds and thousands of people enter and leave multiple spaces within these spaces, creating a huge demand for safe and equally convenient access solutions.

ASSA ABLOY’s Global Solutions offer simple to purchase, install and manage security measures to these spaces and facilities. It adopts a user-centric approach supported by human-centered technology and user experience architects. Here, an ever-growing collection of swipe-card entry systems and access control software awaits to deliver great user value and exceptional experiences for end users.

Entrance Systems: Secure, but no hassles.

Good entrance systems are more than just locks and doors. A specialized field itself, well-engineered doorways allow a smooth flow of people, goods and services, secure access to a building and leave a positive impression on your clients. ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems encompass highly customizable pedestrian doors, automatic doors, high-performance entrances, hangar doors, as well as commercial and industrial door and docking solutions.

At ASSA ABLOY, we are dedicated to improving our customers’ lives through security, safety and convenience. Stay tuned to our blog and learn more about our passion and vision, our people and culture.