Are You Living Life the Way You Want it?

A modern home is simple, secure and convenient. This is how user-centric innovations change lives at home.

Locks that require your physical presence to function is obsolete. Say hello to the newest mobile access solutions brought by ASSA ABLOY, with which customers can use their smartphones to lock, unlock, or check the status of their door anytime.

Live easy at home

Live the way you and your loved ones deserve. Security aside, ASSA ABLOY’s Smart Door Lock systems make life easier and serve as the eyes for the sight-impaired and take the stress off busy moms.

Replace that classic security peephole with a digital door viewer so that your granny can check on a decent size screen to know who’s outside. If it comes with a motion detector, you would even receive an alert on your smartphone when someone is at your door. Install a smart garage door opener so you won’t need to look back because it automatically closes the door after you. That lifestyle of the future is not that far away from now.

Access with style

What else can mobile access do? ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Mobile Access is a highly advanced mobile phone-based keyless entry solution that enables VingCard RFID locks at your property to operate with mobile devices through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. All set to use by adding a BLE module to your electronic housing, VingCard Allure offers users and designers the freedom to personalize the wall panel’s face and functions as they need.

Contrastingly, VingCard Essence celebrates modern minimalism by housing all lock components, including the reader and mobile access board, inside the door. The theory that we can make no compromise between functionality and style checks out.