An Intelligent Home Sweet Home

Urban living spaces will be smart and connected, so our future home can be safer and less stressful to live in.

With more and more of us opting for city life, urbanization is bringing huge opportunities for social and economic development around the world. At the same time, it is also putting significant pressure on infrastructure and resources. The cities’ developers must overcome the challenge of upholding quality living standards and sustainable living amidst ever-expanding interests in urban space.

The rise of multi-family living

As more chooses to reside in the city, there is an enormous demand for utilizing the limited space more effectively, which gives rise to multi-family living. Apart from keeping residents safe and secure, a multi-family property must also provide convenient access and juggle around multiple access rights at the same time. 
Yale Multi-family Solution, which uses the ASSA ABLOY Accentra technology, is offering a secured solution to these properties. Unlike traditional security options such as mechanical key systems, Yale Multi-family Solution is a global cloud-based access control system. Easy-to-use and cost-effective, it allows owners to fully secure the properties through the highest level of encryption, and manage access rights from any location using Data-on-Card technology. 

Opening doors to smart homes

A smart access solution not only allows easy access, but it also makes the lives of residents easier in many ways. In Sweden, ASSA ABLOY has launched an in-home delivery service with PostNord by utilizing the Yale Doorman smart door lock. Delivery drivers and other home services providers will receive a one-time passcode to access the destination. 
Residents will be simultaneously notified during and after the service through the mobile phone tracking system. No more waiting for deliveries and cleaners, this innovative door-to-door delivery service is expected to be launched around the world, where ASSA ABLOY sees prospects for collaboration with e-commerce companies and logistic networks.