Continental Airlines, USA


When Continental Airlines needed a larger door solution for access control to a hangar for the airline's new aircraft at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Ohio, the US, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems answered the call with a 42 meter-wide Megadoor door system.


When Continental Airlines leased the hangar, it was able to fit its older 737s through the door. However, its newly acquired 737 Next Generation aircraft would not fit because the opening of the automated entrance was too narrow and serviced by a bottom rolling door, stored in a pocket on the front of the hangar.

The hangar-operations team realized that if they could eliminate the need for the door pocket, the hangar could be opened up along its entire width, providing enough room to accommodate the new wider aircraft. 
A further challenge was to conserve energy and minimize costs by providing a solution that would keep the hangar warm during the cold winter months.


ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems provided center and side doors to accommodate the 737s’ tail and wings respectively, minimizing the total square footage of the hangar door system without losing any operational flexibility.