• Floor spring with adjustable closing force for large and very heavy doors
  • In compliance with EN1154 size EN3-6
  • 1,000,000 cycles tested
  • Suitable for fire and smoke protection doors
  • For single and double action door up to 300kg

Characteristics of DC475:

  • Closing from 175° in both door swing directions with hydraulic control from 175°
  • Two thermodynamic valves for consistent performance
  • Adjustable door speed and latching speed through top regulating valves
  • Back-check
  • Cast Iron body
  • Adjustments in all directions within the cement box
  • Cement box is hot zinc plated
  • Cover plates and eyelets made in polished orSatin Satinless Steel and Polished Brass
  • Interchangeable spindle from 0 to 30mm
  • Available without hold-open or with hold-openangle 90° and 105°

Speed adjustment:

  1.  variable closing speed 175° - 15°
  2.  variable latching speed 15° - 0°
Technical Details
Adjustable closing force EN3-6
Door width up to 1400mm
Door weight up to 300 kg
Max. opening angle 175°
Closing speed Variable between 175°-15°
Latching speed Variable between15°- 0°
Back-check Mechanical
Weight 7.3kg
Height 82mm
Length 345mm
Width 78mm
Body adjustment within cement box Vertical 9mm, side 6mm, front 5mm, angular 2°
DIN-direction Left/Right-handed doors or double action
Hold-open mode 90°/105°/Non hold-open
In compliance with EN1154
CE Marking for building products Yes
Fire and smoke protection Yes