• Floor spring with double action
  • Floor spring with power fixed size 4
  • Maximum door weight 150kg

Characteristics of AF603 Series:

  • Double action floor spring
  • Cast iron body
  • Dual valve adjusting, closing and latching speed
  • Maximum opening angle in each direction of 130°
  • Applicable for timber, glass and aluminum door
  • Power fixed size 4
  • Standard spindle included is 10mm
  • Hot zinc plated steel
  • Satin stainless steel (Standard) - US32D
  • Optional Polished stainless steel - US32
  • Adjustment within cement box
  • Height 4mm adjustment
  • Width 6mm adjustment
  • Left to right 10mm adjustment
  • Max. weight of door: 150kg
Technical Details
Fixed closing force 31 N-m
Door width up to  1100mm
Fire and smoke protection Yes
Door weight (max. in kg) 150
Hold open 90° Yes
Maximum door opening angle 130°
Closing speed adjustment Speed 1 (130° - 15°)
Removable spindle
Applicable temperature -15°C to 45°
Applicability Wooden, glass & aluminium door etc. Non-handed
Weight (kg) 6
Dimension of cement Box (mm) Length 308mm
Width 108mm
Height 40mm