Bullet Resistance Doors

ASSA ABLOY Bullet Resistance Doors provides protection against assault and vandalism at vulnerable door openings such as isolated utility buildings, cashier rooms, currency exchanges, box offices, etc. Our doors are effective against a wide range of small firearms when used with structures similarly rated. Available in standard door sizes constructed with 2.8 mm steel and frames are 3 mm steel with welded corners.

ASSA ABLOY doors Level 1 through Level 3 (with Steel Stiffened core) can be optionally UL fire rated up to 90 minutes.

Level 4 through Level 8 bullet resisting door and frame (UL 752).

Level 4 -8 bullet resistant system offers the absolute best protection against bullet penetration and fragmentation. We use fiber glass armour panels which protects against assault and vandalism at vulnerable door openings. Level 4 - 8 is designed for installations requiring bullet resistance up to Level 8, 7.62 mm high powered military rifles.


  • Full range of sizes
  • Single or double-leaf version
  • Flush or Glazed
  • Door frames are made of steel


Bullet Protection Ratings

  • Level 1 9mm (3 shots)
  • Level 2 .357 Magnum (3 shots)
  • Level 3 .44 Magnum (3 shots)
  • Level 4 .30 Caliber Rifle (1 shot)
  • Level 5 7.62mm Rifle (1 shot)
  • Level 6 9mm (5 shots)
  • Level 7 5.56mm Rifle (5 shots)
  • Level 8 7.62mm Rifle (5 shots)


The doors are made of steel sheets. Door leaves are filledwith ballistic fiber glass armour panels with vertical stiffenerof high density depending on the type of the door.


  • Standard finish
  • Factory applied primer as standard finish
  • Pre-coated steel sheets RAL 7035, 5010, 9002, 9006,9007, 9010, 9016
  • Stainless steel finish (cladding)
  • Wet paint (spray paint)


  • Welded corner
  • Butt bolted (fixed or removable)


Additional Options
As additional and optional accessories we offer:

  • Various types of ironmongery solutions from ASSA ABLOY
  • Self-closing devices: door closers and door coordinators
  • Access control  and automatic operators connected with BMS
  • Fire rated and non-fire rated louvers
  • Drip caps for external doors