SMARTair® Credentials

RFID technology support is comprehensive. SMARTair also provides a wide choice of convenient credentials to carry, plus the option to open doors with virtual keys stored securely on a smartphone.

SMARTair credentials are more flexible and cost-efficient than mechanical keys. Encrypted SMARTair credentials are available for all standard secure RFID technologies — HID iCLASS®, MIFARE® Classic or DESFire® and SKIDATA. Multiple credential types are supported, including cards, tags, bracelets and stickers. This allows your building users to carry credentials in the most convenient format for them.

The same SMARTair credential can easily be programmed for use with vending machines, student library loan systems, a staff canteen and more. Card printers can customize your smart-cards with a brand or another organization image. 
In addition, SMARTair offers innovative solutions for opening doors securely with a smartphone. With the Openow intelligent mobile solution from SMARTair, you can convert your smartphone into a virtual key. Enjoy the convenience of managing everything on your phone, without ever needing to visit a collection point to collect your access card or credential.

The TESA SMARTair remote opening app enables facility and security managers to remotely open their site doors from anywhere.