TB25KO DropBolt

Trimec TB25KO Drop Bolt
Trimec TB25KO Drop Bolt
Trimec TB25KO Drop Bolt
Trimec TB25KO Drop Bolt

The TB25KO drop bolt also represents true engineering innovation, design excellence and the superior quality customers have come to expect and demand from Trimec. Designed for use on swing-through, double action doors, these drop bolts are ideal for applications where an electric strike is impractical. The TB25KO offer a unique mechanical override with in integrated euro profile cylinder.


  • High Security. Bolt is deadlocked in the extended position
  • Mechanical key override in the event of power failure. (Euro Profile Cylinder)
  • Bolt position monitored
  • Door position monitor with integrated magnet into the strike plate (no need to install a separate reed switch)
  • Multiple Orientation, drop bolts will work horizontally or vertically
  • Power to Lock/ Power to Open
  • Continuously Rated Solenoid
  • Tamper Proof. Lock cannot be defeated by slipping a metal object between lock and striker plate
  • Intelligent Electronics. These intelligent bolts will attempt to re-close the bolt 8 times, allowing time for swing through doors to settle in the closed position
  • Thermal Protection. In the event of solenoid overheat, a thermal fuse will operate, eliminating any fire risk


  • Glass doors
  • Timber Doors

Standards and Compliance

  • British Standard BSEN 50081-1 & BSEN 50082-1
  • CE Approved
  • C-tick Certified

12 to 24Vdc

Current (Start)
1100mA @ 12Vdc, 1000mA @ 24Vdc

Current (Holding)
210mA @ 12Vdc, 90mA @ 24Vdc

Holding Force

Locking Mode

Dimensions (Mortice)
228 x 22mm

Bolt Length
12.7 x 16mm

Faceplate Size
280 x 25mm

Monitoring Contacts
Bolt, Door & Key

Specification Statement
The bolt must be able to operate in horizontal and vertical orientations. The position of the bolt must be monitored as well as have an integrated reed switch for door position monitoring. The electronic functions must include: 8 x lock and unlock attempts, 8 second unlock delay, automatic relock after 8 seconds, power reduction circuitry to limit the holding current, and a one time thermal fuse cut-out in case of solenoid overheating. The faceplate and strike plate must been finished in stainless steel. In the event of a power failure the lock must be mechanically overridden by means of a cylinder.