934U Electric Strike

Product description

When the door is closed, the keep with fixing plate holds the door leaf in place at the same time.

The door must have a stop for the door leaf or be actuated by a door closer with adjustable closing force. In the case of two-leaf glass doors, a strike must be integrated at the top in the door frame for each leaf (not suitable for swing doors).

Models 914 and 914ZY are fastened with a securing pin to ensure that the strike latch is not locked unintentionally when the door is open.

The adjustable keep enables exact adjustment of the glass door strike to suit the glass thickness involved.

Overview of Advantages

  • Vertical and horizontal mounting possible
  • DIN left and right usable
  • Fail-locked and fail-unlocked version
  • With 12/24 V changeover switch including TVS diode (e.g. to combine with access control systems)
  • Adjustment to glass leaf thickness
  • Model 914U with securing pin against unintentional locking of the door strike latch
Adjustable keeper (FF, FaFix®) Yes
Adjustable electric strike (F, Fix®) Yes
Diode (05) Yes
Fail-unlocked Yes
Glas door thickness 9-12 mm
Break-in resistance 3700 N
Height 102,3 mm
Width 21 mm
Depth 28 mm
Operating temperature range -15 °C to +40 °C
Installation position Vertical and horizontal
Variants that can be ordered
Order number Description
934U-09-----Q91 Without striking plate, 12/24V AC/DC