Supplementary locking system 9338

Product description

Version with magnet bolt counterpart, with fail-unlocked strike 138TQ53

Overview of Advantages

  • Latch insertion on the door frame removed
  • Visually attractive, concealed installation, magnet bolt is retracted when door open
  • Low opening force due to weak latch bolt spring
  • No closing force due to magnet bolt
  • Quiet locking and unlocking
  • The supplementary locking system 9338 is designed as a supplementary locking system for versatile applications for the locking of doors
  • Example for other usage options: Office doors, laboratory doors, interlocks, wet cells in hospitals, special doors
  • Universal installation position, vertical and horizontal
  • Compatible with model 9334
  • Load cycles for factory test: 1,000,000

Scope of delivery

  • Delivery as a complete set with striking plate or as a set without striking plate
Technical Details
Adjustable keeper (FF, FaFix®) Yes
Noise damped Yes
Diode (05) Yes
Fail-unlocked Yes
Weak latch bolt spring Yes
Input operating voltage ± 10%
Current consumption 12 V DC 235 mA
Current consumption 24 V DC 150 mA
Max. pre-load 30 N
Break-in resistance 3000 N
Operating temperature range -15 °C to +40 °C
Bolt throw 10 mm
Installation position Vertical and horizontal
material bolt plastic
Load cycles for in-plant test 1000000
Latch bolt engaging depth 5,5 mm
FaFix® adjustment range 4 mm