Incedo Business helps you meet the challenge of securing a busy office or commercial space.

If you need better oversight of who is moving where around your building — beyond just the front door — then Incedo Business is the right choice for your security management. You will quickly know who has been moving where, and when, enabling you to optimise the use of office space.

In offices where mechanical key security still reigns, Incedo Business helps you make the switch to digital credentials, so you can better manage traffic into and around offices.

Why choose Incedo management software?

Incedo is a flexible, modular, single-solution platform which looks after security right across your premises.

It is designed for seamless interoperability, which makes integration easy. Incedo works with existing or new access control systems; with wired and wireless locking hardware from across ASSA ABLOY’s award-winning range; online and offline access devices; hard credentials and smartphone “virtual keys”; and smart building solutions from carefully chosen partners.

It is an open, future-proofed platform which evolves with your business. However your security needs move, Incedo moves with you.

Smart software solutions tailored to more industries and scenarios will follow. If you manage security for schools and universities, a healthcare setting, government buildings, public institutions or boutique hotels, there will soon be an Incedo solution designed around you.

Why do I need Incedo Business?

  • Simplify daily office security tasks
  • Save time and increase efficiency   
  • Monitor movement through a site   
  • Control everything via a single platform   
  • Compatible with Lite, Plus and Cloud

Where do I deploy Incedo Business?

  •  Offices, including flexible workspaces   
  • Mixed-use office / commercial buildings   
  • Small, medium-sized or large businesses