Programming N110,V=PSM

Product description

  • Transfers up to 750 programming steps to cylinders
  • Can read up to 1,500 events from cylinders and transfer them to the software
  • Electronic authorisation confirmation within the software
  • Protected by a 6-digit individual PIN code
  • Electronic key-unique and locking system encryption
  • Optical and acoustic signals for indicating programming tasks and battery status
  • The data and power transmission to the cylinder is contact based
  • The data transmission to the cylinder is highly encrypted
  • Communicates with a smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth® (BLE)
  • Receives changes to authorisations and time settings using the CLIQ® Connect app
  • Temperature range 0° C to +70° C
  • Protected against temporary immersion in water (IP67)
  • Powered by commercially-available lithium battery (CR2032)
  • The battery can be easily changed by the user without tools
  • Optional, additional lower ranking programming keys can be supplied for a locking system (N109,V=PN and N109,V=PSM)

Scope of delivery

  • 1 programming key incl. battery