Productivity while Working From Home

Due to the Corona virus Pandemic, most of the countries today have restricted the movement of their citizens. Social Distancing, Quarantine and Self-Isolation have become new norms.


                                                  Managing Director, SAARC Region

                                             Productivity while Working From Home

Due to the Corona virus Pandemic, most of the countries today have restricted the movement of their citizens. Social Distancing, Quarantine and Self-Isolation have become new norms.

Airplanes are grounded, offices are empty, factories are closed, shopping malls are shut, theaters are empty and people are locked at home, going out only to buy food and medicines.

It is something which was unthinkable a few months back when we were partying to usher in 2020

What started in the Chinese town of Wuhan has engulfed the whole world.

I always spent most of my career travelling for work, meeting customers, business partners and other stakeholders.  After returning from a business trip to USA on February 22nd followed by two domestic trips in India, last one on March 11th, I have been locked down at my home for almost more than a month now. Since March 22nd, all the economic activity has come to a stop, with the Government announcing lockdown.

This experience of working from home has been a metamorphic evolution. It has been an experience of reflection, crisis management, confronting painful reality and a feeling of managing chaos all around.

And more importantly it has changed my priorities in the short term.

I would like to share some of my thoughts on how to stay productive during the lockdown

Healthy Mind and Body:

Staying safe and healthy are the most important things at the moment. Following government guidelines on “Stay at Home” ensures that we don’t get infected. Even though the government recently changed guidelines on wearing a mask, I started wearing masks and carrying a hand sanitizer with me since March 3rd during my domestic travels. I have been doing so since then whenever I go out for buying essentials during lock down. I also learnt to wash hands for more than 40 seconds and most importantly gave up frequently touching my face when talking. I have also tried to follow the advice of sleeping well, staying relaxed, do some yoga and meditations and do a little physical exercises in the confines of my house.

The Plan:

Working from home demands a lot of self-discipline.

It is important we start our day following office routines . Use of technology with   discipline can make one very effective while working from home . Lot of strategic work, preparing plans and also activities which involve internal discussions during team members can be done effectively from home through virtual meetings. All you need is a good device, high speed internet and self-isolation from distractions.  

Home Office Optimization:

It is important to have designated place for your office work, away from regular distractions. The home office space would keep your mind attentive and focused. Your family is in with you for this; they also would be happy, if you do not turn all their space into your desk. Respect each other’s space and time. A small study in my home serves this purpose very well. It psychologically helps if we follow our normal routine and dress up normally as if we are going to office. 

Work Life Balance:

Staying indoors is the best thing that has happened, for spending quality time with family. Let the same be balanced with your office time. Always remember, your family is waiting for you to be with them. If the expectations are set right and duly informed to your loved ones, there won’t be any disappointments. They should be aware about your plan and work timeline and at the same time you should know their plans too.  

Keep this in proper perspective

Remember this  will also pass and life will return to normal.

I read this somewhere which greatly inspired me .Sharing with you!!!

“We should remember that Human Motivation and our determined efforts are going to prevail over Corona Virus just like

-       Japanese prevailed after their total destruction in 2nd world war, when the whole world thought that they had NO future.

-       Jews were able to establish the state of Israel against all odds.

-       Bumble Bee flies defying the rules of Aerodynamics.

-       We won the world cup in 1983 when the whole cricketing world did not give us any chance.

-       Arunima Sinha a female amputee whom the doctors had declared, would not be able to walk, climbed Mount Everest.

The corona crisis is no different. I do not have any doubt that we will defeat virus hands down. Our combined effort to social distancing will ensure the virus loses its host .The doctors and nurses will make sure that most of the sick recover and the researchers and pharmaceutical companies will soon develop medicines and vaccines. The world economy will bounce back in a great manner learning the lessons which led to this crisis.….”


Stay Positve .. Stay Safe and Work from Home Productively!!!